History Of Shamballa Bracelets

Although most people see the Shamballa bracelet as just another fad, they do share a deeper significant meaning and history than one might expect. Shamballa is actually a mythical kingdom that Tibetan Buddhist believe in. It is supposed to be a symbol of enlightenment, peace, and perfection. The myth says it is located deep within Asia and is exceedingly difficult to locate. Today it is culturally tied into meditation.

Virtually every Shamballa bracelet is one hundred percent unique. Every color, design, and even the style of the bracelet have individual meanings. Although many people wear these beautiful bracelets just to be fashionable, it is safe to say there are countless people who still understand the meanings and wear them for spiritual reasons.

shamballa braceletHowever, as a fashion piece a Shamballa bracelet does make a powerful statement with its unique stunning beauty and bohemian and hip hop vibe. They are made from a cord that is tied in special knots based from macramé. They are woven, braided, and knotted while incorporating specialized designs, stones, gems, and metals. Many colors can be used, but most are seen in black and white. They look amazing with a variety of outfits, come with matching necklaces, and are one of the few bracelets men can wear.

On the spiritual side of things the specialized deigns, stones, gems, and metals are believed to have healing properties that are all natural and very effective. Many people use them for personal strength, and they are very popular in meditation. Most of all they are a symbol of oneness.

It is the Kornerup brothers who accept the philosophies behind the Shamballa bracelets, and incorporate the Tibetan Buddhist beliefs into the spectacular designs that are now very fashionable. They first started in France and then expanded to New York, continuously growing into the massive giants that they today. Nevertheless, it is also popular to see handmade Shamballa bracelets as well.

Shamballa bracelets have more significance and philosophy than the average wearer understands. But, deep within the history and myth lies philosophies many still believe and follow faithfully today. Whether you are buying one to help you on your spiritual path, healing, and meditation, or if you are just stylish the right Shamballa bracelet is sure to satisfy your taste. Almost every single Shamballa bracelet has an individual look, and meaning, so there is bound to be one that make everybody happy.


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